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Executive Minds Podcast

Professional Development and Career Tips for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Non-Profit Leaders

Go-getters are always pursuing better in their career, business, and life. But they often get stuck in the uncertainty of the next step or don't have a clear plan for achieving their goals and turning their good intentions into reality. Executive Minds is the podcast helping go-getters like you become difference makers with practical guidance proven to convert potential into high-performance so you can grow your career.

The podcast features career, leadership, and business advice from our founding mentors — Jeff Henderson, Shane Benson, David Farmer, and podcast host Kevin B. Jennings. Over their careers, Jeff, Shane, David, and Kevin have worked with multi-million- and billion-dollar organizations and brands like Chick-fil-A, Northpoint Ministries, Atlanta Braves, The John Maxwell Team, William Morris Endeavor, Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins, Tiff's Treats, Michael Hyatt & Co., and BELAY. You'll also hear from successful experienced and emerging leaders like Dan Cathy (Chick-fil-A), Michael Hyatt, David Butler (Coca-Cola), Chef Ford Fry, Sid and Ann Mashburn, Eryn Eddy (So Worth Loving), Carey Nieuwhof, Sam Collier (Hillsong Atlanta), Jeff Shinabarger (Plywood People), and many more. In each episode, you'll get principles, practices, and tools from people who have maximized their potential to launch ideas, lead teams, build businesses, improve communities, and ultimately make a difference in others' lives. We hope you'll apply what you learn to propel your career and impact.

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